New Team Fortress ad

Just a quick heads up to show you how you can promote your game in a way that’s not tedious*, yet gets the job of promoting the product to new audiences done. (embeded video doesn’t fit the page, so link instead).

* – btw, always when the standard Hollywood PG-13 flick trailers come to mind, I remember this episode from South Park. It always makes my day.


~ by Pawel Wyslowski on May 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “New Team Fortress ad”

  1. That’s valve for you – still releasing content for games released two years ago. Oh, and you don’t have to pay for it. If that’s not pure awesomeneess, I don’t know what is.

    • Yeah they could teach ‘some’ companies how to do DLC (yes BioWare, I’m talking to you. I simply luv the loads and loads of Mass Effect DLC!).
      And put time and money to content which constantly sells is one thing, but promote it with top notch CGI… I mean – look at it, not only a professional company was hired for this (and their services, trust me, are not cheap), but also a script writer. Way to go Valve… now please release some info of Ep3…

  2. I get more and more info on IM that the South Park video is generating a big audience.
    So, just to prove its creators were 100% right – here’s a video of a new comedy called ’17 again’.
    The narrator is a near perfect copy of the above.

    A turly turly dupty dumb, everyone.

  3. One more reply – this time a proof that even valve can screw stuff up. How you ask? I’ll tell you how.
    Each of previous updates offered some new class-specific weapons, that needed to be unlocked by class-specific achievements. Say- if you wanted a brand-new flamethrower you had to get certain number of pyros achievements, that you got (obviously) by playing pyro. And how do you screw this up. By making achievements, or anything whatsoever totally unrelated to getting new weapons. How do you get new guns now? RANDOMLY. At the beggining of each round there is a slight chance you’ll get a new piece of equipment. You may get a new gun first time you play, or you may play for a week, and still have nothing. Totally random. Better yet – your random present can (and propably will) be completely irrelevant to the class you’re playing. That means you could play sniper and get every medic, scout, or pyro gun BUT NOT THE JAR OF HOT PISS YOU WANT SO MUCH (and yes, that’s a real weapon in TF2).
    So yeah – that’s my take on the latest update.

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