T’was busy…

It’s been nearly a month since my last rant… err, post. Not to think I gave up on the thing, just had a busy month.

First of all… I watched the whole French Open for the first time ever! W00t! Who said unemployment was a drag, I could get used to this… now if only I had a steady supply of beer…

Anyway – congratulations to Roger Federer, especially for his semi-final with the young and most talented Juan Martín del Potro, which I’m not afraid to call art on clay.

Then… I was grounded for a week having to prepare yet another recrutation/test design document. Another 32 pages of my sweat, hope this time I get some feedback on it whatsoever (yes, I’m looking at you Starbreeze pricks).

And finally… I had to prepare a speach for a phone interview with another perspective employer, once again I astonish myself how well I can put together one in one night. Maybe I should change careers and go as a personality adviser for a presidential candidate? Hm, well I’ll consider that when Arnie finally decides to run for the seat. I’ve got plenty of catch phrases for him, like “(pause, long stare, picking a line…) Fuck you, asshole” or “I’ll be back… or at least my head on a younger body”… Stylish.

So… phew… The whole getting a new workspace thing is nearing a hopefuly successful conclusion, after some minor setbacks. But hey, I’m very good at this setback game, always been. The first rule is that a setback is by no means a step back. Period.

In the meantime, E3 happened and while I’ll refrain from calling it spectacular (leave that adjective for the games), I do have lots of material to talk about in the coming weeks. So stay tunned. Thanfuly, this was the first E3 in years without Cliffy “I dropped that last year” B. I’m almost ‘batshit’ upset. No wait…

…why was the presenter so stiff the whole time? Couse he knew that even though Clifford laughed about calling him that passe You Know Who nickname, he would stab him in the kidneys with a chainsaw byonet in the nearest toilet. Probably yelling “You broke my heart, you broke my heart!”.

See you soon! In the meantime here’s my absence explanation in a more… camp-fire straightforward way.


~ by Pawel Wyslowski on June 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “T’was busy…”

  1. AT LAST! And here I was thinking, you gave up on us, especially during E3, when I exepcted some snappy commentary. Well – that and some tribute song to Uncharted 2. But since you say we have to stay tuned for that, we will.

    By the way. Is Cliffy completely clueless, or what? I mean if you say that you don’t like certain nickname, people will use it even more often. My theory – he actually enjoys the Cliffy and says that he “dropped that last year” so that people will call even more.

  2. Spill the beans!

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