Back in the saddle…

Frontier logo

At last. Promised land!

Well, maybe I’m getting too overenthusiastic, but that’s due some fine dark beer I just had. Finally after some rather unfavorable talks with some perspective developers, I was signed by Cambridge based Frontier Developments. As you may or may not know, it’s the home base of one David Braben, the co-creator of the legendary Elite, the first game to use wire-frame 3D graphics, and so – a grandparent of our now beloved franchises. It was also a very ambitious space sim from which various successors took great inspiration from. The Times even went so far as too call it “probably the best computer game ever”. Probably :) Having been 26 years in the business, he probably watched more companies rise and fall, and people make names for themselves than Cliffy said “batshit” in his life. I actually feel kinda like on a Federation starship helmed by a famous captain figure (it remains to be seen if he’s more Jean-Luc Picard, Sisko or Kirk… just please not the *other one I do not wish to name*).

After the first day I won’t go exactly go looking in the crystal ball to unfold my great future, as some of us know this first hand – this is a very slippery business. All in all, I will say there are certainly great perspectives – both in terms of the project I’m working on (won’t say, so don’t even ask – even I cannot defend after a hundred ninjas *some* parties will send to my house if I let it slip) and people I’ll be doing it with (muchos importante).

What else is there to say… Cambridge is a quaint, beautiful and vibrant town I think I’ll like very much, and although I would rather not leave my friends and family back home, doing what you do best and enjoy doing is one of the utmost important things in life. So here I am trying to make a life for myself, as always, I welcome life as it comes. Cheers.


~ by Pawel Wyslowski on July 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Back in the saddle…”

  1. Screw wireframe, Elite was one of the first games with procedurally generated universe and virtually unlimited number of planets (running happily at my beloved Speccy)

  2. I sure hope, you realize that since you are million miles away (aproximately) now, you will have to update you blawg twice as often?
    How else are we supposed to satisfy my hunger for agresivly-written reviews, lenghty yet interesting posts and Cliffy jokes?

    One more thing. Don’t we all have this thing, where we buy a game that came out a while back, and after spending just few minutes with it we wonder “why the hell didn’t I buy this earlier?”. This is my way of saying that Uncharted is one of the coolest things I played in a while and Uncharted 2 just made the top of my list of “stuf I need to buy the day it comes out”.

  3. Congratulations and good luck! ;)

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